A review of inges play the bus stop

Sep 28, Amy rated it really liked it Excellent play with expertly drawn characters and snappy dialogue. Feb 01, Bridgette Redman rated it really liked it A lot can happen in a single night.

A review of inges play the bus stop

Flawed but Haunting and Powerful wglenn 26 June Picnic offers superior acting all around, some great cinematography, and a number of excellent scenes, including the famous dance sequence between Holden and Novak. The writing, unfortunately, veers between wonderful and maudlin, and the movie feels outdated in many ways.

Worst of all, the directing and music can be heavy-handed at times, clubbing the viewer with melodrama in some of the key moments, when a more subtle approach would have turned this into a real classic.

A kind of nostalgia - not for the supposed innocence of small-town life, which the film shows to be a myth, but for the disappearing natural wildness of ourselves as people, the primitive element in humanity that both causes problems and gives us real vitality.

My wife and I found ourselves discussing Picnic at length over dinner the following night and even watched several of the scenes again. There are many good details and powerful moments scattered among the weaker parts.

Susan Strasberg pulls off a difficult role and manages to look even more attractive than Kim Novak at times, reminding me of a young Winona Ryder.

A review of inges play the bus stop

William Holden is always a pleasure to watch, and his fans should find this role particularly interesting. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. At the top sit the two greatest, Tennessee Williams and William Inge. In a decade of conformity and great prosperity Inge and Williams tackled subjects ahead of their time.

Of course they in some cases had to veil the subject matter but that lead to some wonderful revelations in writing and reading between the lines.

Contribute to This Page Characters[ edit ] Bus Stop is a drama, with romantic and some comedic elements.
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Most reviewers of this film might begin with the leads but I must start of with the wonderful Verna Felton as Helen Potts the sweet old lady who is caretaker of her aged mother and lives next door to the Owens family. This gifted and now forgotten character actress sets the tone of the picture as she welcomes drifter Hal Carter William Holden into her house for some breakfast.

At the end of the film she glows in tender counterpoint to the dramatic ending. She is the only person who understands Hal, even more than Madge Kim Novak. Her speech about having a man in the house is pure joy to watch.

Her most touching scene is at the picnic when she tells Betty Field. A single Mom trying in desperation to keep Madge from making the same mistakes she did.

Susan Strasberg creates in her Millie a sweet comic oddball. Her yearning to get out of the smallness of small town life is colored with the skill of a young actress with greatness her.

Watch how she handles her most tender scenes with Kim Novak. Strasberg has a deep connection with Millie, an understanding of what it means to want to get out and yet want so desperately to fit in.

A review of inges play the bus stop

Rosalind Russell nearly steals the show as the fourth woman in the Owens household boarder, Rosemary the schoolteacher. In the capable hands of Miss Russell we have a real powerhouse of a performance. She imbues Rosemary with all the uptight disapproval of a woman who knows that her time has past and there are very few options left.

She is electric in her need for love. Every nuance of her emotions is sublime in her presentation. Just watch her hands alone. She is present down to her fingertips as this poor clinging woman.

Floating above all of this is Madge Owens, the kind of girl who is too pretty to be real. The kind of girl who in a small town like this is not understood to have any real feelings or thoughts other than those that revolve around being beautiful and empty.

Enter Kim Novak, who is just such a girl.4 Plays by William Inge: Come Back, Little Sheba, Picnic, Bus Stop, the Dark at the Top of the Stairs (English and French Edition) Jun 1, by Samuel Beckett and William Inge.

We review the revision and revival of the musical Haymarket, an apt offering around Labor Day, by Underscore: plombier-nemours.com The Dueling Critics Review New Version of Haymarket Musical. “Bus Stop” is the second play of the season of Clayton Community Theatre (CCT – plombier-nemours.com) and is directed by Sam Hack, CCT artistic director.

Performances: February , (Thursdays-Sundays) at Washington University South Campus Theatre Clayton Rd, Clayton MO Oct 13,  · The bus day service is available from 6 AM to 22 PM.

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William (Motter) Inge brought small-town life in the American Midwest to Broadway with four successive dramatic triumphs: "Come Back Little Sheba" (), "Picnic" (; Pulitzer Prize), "Bus Stop" () and "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs" ().

He attend opening night of Bus Stop and wrote a review for Play off the Page.

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Thanks, Travis! Thanks, Travis! Pequot Lakes Community Theatre cast members strike a pose as they prepare for the comedy “Bus Stop” to be performed July and July in the Pequot Lakes High School Theater.

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