An analysis of master harold

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An analysis of master harold

The tables and chairs have been stacked on one side; the room also contains a few shabby plants and a serving counter with stale cakes and a modest display of candy, cigarettes, and soda.

A telephone and an old jukebox are arrayed between advertising placards and a crudely lettered blackboard with the prices of some basic items.

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Sam is sitting at a table, leafing through a comic book, while Willie is mopping the floor and singing up-tempo blues. Pausing in his work, Willie tries a few dance steps with the mop as his partner.

He is trying to perfect his dancing style for an important ballroom dance contest to be held soon. Sam is coaching and encouraging him. It is clear that there is not much work to do and that their lives are not particularly eventful. Willie is enthusiastic and eager but uneducated and not at all reflective.

Sam is more composed and thoughtful but also clearly deprived of any formal educational experience.

Their lives do not extend beyond the local community and the tea room. From their banter, it is evident that they are good friends. As Sam demonstrates a dance step, exhibiting a surprising proficiency, Hally arrives, having just returned from school.

Clearly, he has a very friendly relationship with the two men. Their recollections are so vivid that they seem to coexist with the present. The audience begins to realize that Sam is a kind of surrogate father for Hally, the true source of his education and moral guidance, while Willie is like an amiable older brother.

The delight that Hally and Sam share in exploring major ethical questions indicates their mutual delight in mental agility and shows their respect and deep affection for each other.

They seem to be wryly aware of the incongruity of this comaraderie between a comic-book-reading black man and a literate, articulate white boy. The mood of nostalgia is abruptly altered when Hally receives a telephone call from the hospital where his father periodically goes for treatment.

Visibly upset by the conversation, Hally retreats to do his homework. Sam and Willie begin to joke about the dance contest, and Hally, not engaged by his assignment to write about a historical ceremony, is drawn back into their conversation.

Sam explains to Hally how the dance contest is a symbol of living beauty that expresses the best of human nature through action. Hally begins to appreciate the fact that black South African culture is neither primitive nor empty; the discussion also reveals how subtle and intelligent Sam actually is.

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Hally responds with characteristic enthusiasm and begins to see the possibility of basing his homework assignment on a journalistic description of the contest, thus joining both of his worlds. Sam tries to offer some comfort and counsel, but the problem is too deep-rooted for his wisdom and good nature.

Hally takes out his anger, fear, and frustration on Sam, baiting him until Sam is driven to respond.

The boy seems helpless, and Sam generously does not abandon him. Willie realizes that Sam needs his help now, and as the play concludes, in a gesture of brotherhood, he promises Sam that he will control his temper and work on his dancing.Godfrey Harold Hardy FRS (7 February – 1 December ) was an English mathematician, known for his achievements in number theory and mathematical analysis.

In biology, he is known for the Hardy–Weinberg principle, a basic principle of population addition to his research, he is remembered for his essay on the aesthetics of mathematics, titled A Mathematician's Apology.

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“Master Harold” and the boys is a play whose story is wedded to the complex racial relationships among its three characters, the two middle aged black workers, Sam and Willie, and Hally or “Master Harold,” their boss’s son, a white teenager on the verge of manhood. The racial tension among the characters is, in turn, informed by.

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An analysis of master harold

The Question and Answer section for Master Harold And the Boys is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

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