An analysis of the spiritual advancement and the spiritual liberation for the followers of sri shank

For the practice of yoga and meditation, there are three important requirements:

An analysis of the spiritual advancement and the spiritual liberation for the followers of sri shank

On the Basis of the Common Religion 1. Each time the information was given in the form that was adequate for concrete people - taking into account the levels of their philosophic-religious awareness, and the conditions of life in that concrete historical period for example, in conditions of war - or peace; during the first stages of religion formation - or at the time of stable existence of the religion in the given region.

But in each of such religious knowledge grounds established by God people distorted His Teaching with time. Followers of such directions prepare themselves for hell.

These religious distortions have been dramatically manifested in the events of September 11, a terrorist attack against the people of USA cities by religious zealots with use of hijacked airplanes. The acts of the terrorist-kamikazes were based on the belief that by murdering "infidels" the murderer is guaranteed to go to paradise.

The origin of this postulate is clear: But it is clear that in conditions of peaceful and steady existence of the religious direction such guidelines cannot be used. This Declaration was developed by a group of Russian experts, whose competence covers the spheres of natural-scientific and religious-philosophical knowledge, and is based on the personal practical religious experience obtained under a direct guidance of God as a Teacher.

How one should understand the word "God" 2: First of all it is necessary to accept that the universal space is really multidimensional not just mathematically. Its dimensions eons, lokas can be cognized by the developed consciousness of a man.

Stephen Knapp and his books on Spiritual Enlightenment and Vedic Culture

Such development of consciousness is achieved by correctly arranged practical spiritual work. One the components of this work is a many-stage meditative practice.

There are the hell and paradise dimensions, and "repositories of construction material" for formation of matter and souls; there is the Abode of the Creator. Some dimensions are filled with anti-energies; the interaction of latter with material objects provides the mechanism of dematerialization and of other similar "miracles".

Historically it happened so that even the word "God" has multiple several meanings and people are often get confused. The main meaning of this word is the Creator, the Primordial Universal Consciousness being in the primary space dimension.

This Consciousness is the subtlest of the Universal energy states - if to consider the scale of "subtlety-grossness". The inhabitants of hell are on the opposite end of this scale: The second meaning of the word "God" includes the Creator together with all His multidimensional Creation brought into existence and penetrated by Him, not capable to exist without Him or being separated from Him.

By definition of Jesus Christ, hell is "the outer darkness" - outer in relation to God-Absolute. They can, in particular, condense their energy of Consciousness to perceivable or even visible by embodied people state. The statement "God is One" is true.

Hindu Vedic Philosophy (Advaita): An Introduction to Advaita Vedanta -1

All concrete individual manifestations in the world of Creation objects, bodies - including ours, plus also all embodied and non-embodied souls, except for hell inhabitants - all of them should be considered as cells of infinite Universal Body of God in the aspect of Absolute.

The essence all processes taking place in the universe is the Evolution of the Universal Divine Consciousness. One cannot include in the concept of "God" mythological fairy-tale and fictitious characters of national religious folklore followers of such naive and essentially false conceptions are called "pagans".

Attempts to present God as an invisible flying being of a human appearance are also naive and false. Also God should not be described as "information", "information field", and "collective human mind" and as other similar superficial and incompetent definitions.

Cognition of Him has nothing to do with "conversations with aliens", "astral travels", spiritism, magic rituals and astrological imaginations. A representation of God as a spiteful monster punishing people for sins is a striking perversion that averts people from love to God and from advancing on the spiritual Path.

Similarly to this, a conspicuous distortion in religion is making devil and other frightening factors the center of attention. Cultivation of mystical fear - instead of creative Love - is the main cause of spiritual degradation and development of mass psychopathology among the followers of such forms of pseudo-religion.

So the concept of God includes: This is the essence of true - monotheistic - comprehension of the essence of God. The Creator - from the Abode - creates "islands" of matter in different parts of the infinite space of the universe; then - when the necessity for one or a group of them ends - He dematerializes them.

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The purpose of it all is to establish conditions for embodying on material substrates next and next souls, to give them possibilities for development. An embodiment in the material world is necessary for soul development, because it is in physical bodies that the energy necessary for growth of a "clot" of consciousness is produced.

An initial material for producing this kind of energy is first of all material food - the one that we eat.Claudia Mitzeliotis of City University of New York - College of Staten Island, NY (CSI CUNY) with expertise in: Social Policy, Qualitative Social Research and Quantitative Social Research.

Read 4. The Vedic literature asserts that the nonpareil of all spiritual sounds is the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, the Great Chant for Deliverance—Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

Dec 05,  · How do philosophy and religion relate to the modern world and to our daily lives? How can we take the lessons of the world's philosophies and religions to enrich our own culture, to enliven the spirit of our own time? It is very important for spiritual advancement to develop the intellect.

Children need to be given as high-grade education as possible. Adults too should always try to get new knowledge - desirably the one that is useful on the spiritual Path. Aug 25,  · This advancement is the greatest achievement that Indian meditative mind accomplished and it is the greatest ever height that human mind scaled in speculative thinking.

An analysis of the spiritual advancement and the spiritual liberation for the followers of sri shank

It was with this advancement that, in India, mere spiritual thinking graduated into pure philosophical deductions. Gandhi: A Spiritual Biography Paperback – October 28, have viewed his struggle primarily as a search for spiritual liberation.

Gandhi is a prime case of spiritual-political leadership characterized by regarding itself and being widely accepted by followers as having a transcendental basis.

This type of leadership is quite different 5/5(3).

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