Artisan bread bakery business plan

Companies in this industry make fresh and frozen bread as well as cakes, pies, and doughnuts.

Artisan bread bakery business plan


I don't know how we can I don't know how we can answer that for you. You should know your market better than anonymous bakers from various parts of the world. Who is buying your bread? How much will they pay for a loaf of bread?

That's a place to start. Do you have experience in the baking industry. Do you know what kind of ovens and mixers you might need?

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It would be very difficult to make any sort of serious income off of a home oven. Are you making pan loaves? Even if you were baking in dutch ovens and could fit 5 or 6 in your oven it would take you probably an hour and 15 minutes to get through a baking cycle and have the oven ready for the next batch A loaf of sourdough that you may sell for 5 or 5.

So 15 bucks profit per oven load or so and that is before you've "paid" yourself. If a few loaves don't sell then that becomes overhead. I don't know what your business plan is here but it's not an easy endeavor making sustainable profit out of a home kitchen without professional equipment.

I know some people do it as side income but I think it fulfills more of a hobby aspect for a lot of them rather than a serious for profit endeavor. That caveat aside, I think you'd want to start with a basic white sourdough, a whole grain loaf of some sort, and then a specialty loaf maybe a cheese bread, olive bread, brioche or something like that.

That seems like the logical starting point to me but again, it depends on the clients and what you're capable of making. My favorite breads are baguettes and ciabattas, but I'm probably not your target customer because I make my own bread and bake bread for a living.

Log in or register to post comments breadboy advice I do not bake for sale nor business. I enjoy baking a lot and have been playing a lot with different doughs. First things that come to mind are: Do you need a license?

In Texas, I'd guess regulations are loose but does health department need to inspect? Also, how big or how small the loaves that you plan to bake? Is this an every day thing?

artisan bread bakery business plan

Are you going to do baked goods in addition bread? Do you have a business plan? What are you suppliers? Do you just go to Costco or other club for flour? Other things that are add on? Do you plan to do gluten free? I think it is a tough business to break into with many more questions than answers.

Log in or register to post comments embth I agree Breadboy02 is right on target. You may be required to put in a kitchen that is up to commercial standards and your facility would likely be subject to inspections.

So the first call is probably your state health department. You sound like you have thought about this for a long time. I hope things work out for you! Embth Log in or register to post comments drogon Microbaker here. At least the term "microbakery" is used in the UK - not sure about world wide, but we did start a thread here a few weeks back on it Know your market and know your limits would be my initial advice but start with the boring stuff of knowing what the local laws are and insurance requirements.

I feel it's tricky to make money as your main source of income from a home-based bakery. However it will depend on how much you make and your overheads, etc. For me the flour is now relatively cheap - it's my time and the cost of energy to fire the ovens that's the main thing, but bread alone won't give me a sustainable income.

Right now the bakery is only part-time, but even so, I'm making loaves a week which I sell through local community shops and small local produce markets.A website for fans of the Firebrand Eatery and Bakery, Broadway Oakland CA.

Hand crafted breads and pastries to eat in and take away, a . At the Seven Hills Bakery we specialise in long fermented artisan breads.

We bake our staple breads daily and rotate our flavoured and enriched doughs throughout the week. reviews of Hush-Harbor Artisan Bakery "Going to Cal Poly, I had many professors that lived in Atascadero, and multiple of them told me to come here if I ever had the chance.

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Baking Real Bread at home It has been written and said so many times but what beats the smell of fresh Real Bread coming from your oven? Sticky fingers. As you shop and stroll the Market, especially in the early morning hours, follow your noseā€”the aroma of freshly baked bread is often enough to lead you to the nearest bakery.

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