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The health care system today is unresponsive and overwhelming.

Dr cunningham

Greg Cartin is the founder of GC3 Performance consulting based in Boston, Ma and is one of the most sought after performance coaches in professional golf.

He consults athletes of all ability levels working to improve their competitive or recreational athletic performance. He is available for private mental game lessons and will collaborate with Cunningham Golf and The Hawk Golf Academy to conduct mental game workshops.

Cartin currently works with professional, collegiate and junior golfers including several clients on the PGA Tour. In addition to his work with elite level athletes Dr. Cartin also specializes in work with the recreational golfer to help them improve and better enjoy their time on the golf course.

For years as a competitive golfer she forced her body into swing positions that her body couldn't get to leading to injury and her interest in fitness. Kaitlyn worked with Mike Boyle, one of the foremost strength and conditioning coaches in the world, gaining valuable insight on how to properly train an athlete.

No more sticking a square peg through a round hole! Her passion is to help golfers build their team and bridge the gap between their movement patterns and swing capabilities!

Anything is possible when you train strong, move well and are a happy athlete! Junior Golf Programs Our award winning Junior Programs are designed as a strategic pathway taking beginning junior golfers to elite level competitive juniors using our Play - Practice - Train development model.

Starting at age 6 juniors will be introduced to golf through a series of progressive skill acquisition games that are designed to be lightly competitive. The goal of Developmental 1 is to teach juniors how to control the golf ball. D1 has two separate 12 week sessions: Starting at age 9 juniors will continue to learn the game through a progressive series of more advanced games that are designed to be moderately competitive.

Developmental 2 will introduce coaching of technique in full swing and short game. The Goal of Developmental 2 is to improve technique to improve control of the golf ball. D2 has two separate 12 week sessions: The Pre Elite program is designed for the aspiring or current high school golfer.

The Goal of the Pre-Elite program is to prepare Juniors for the demands of competitive Junior Golf through improved technique and predictable ball control.


Juniors entering the program will be put through a full game evaluation testing a series of skills needed to compete at the high school or local junior golf level. Weekly training sessions will be structured around improving these skills.

Juniors will receive individual coaching on full swing and short game technique from our instructors during these weekly training sessions. To keep weekly training sessions engaging, Juniors will participate in a challenge of the day with a traveling trophy presented to the winner.

Each Junior's progress towards program benchmarks in each skill will be monitored during a mid-term evaluation and subsequent training sessions will be modified accordingly.

Each Junior will participate in a final evaluation at the end of the program to measure their improvement. Pre-Elite has two separate 12 week sessions: The Elite Program is designed for the competitive junior golfer competing on the regional and national level.

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The goal of the Elite program is to develop a complete junior golfer and prepare them for a future in collegiate golf. Juniors entering the program will go through a full game skill evaluation as well as trackman combine, 3D analysis, full body physical screen and mental profile evaluation with our instructors and advisory staff.

Training sessions will be conducted twice weekly and focus on improving or refining technique in the full swing and short game as well as specialty shots in both disciplines. On-course training sessions will present unique and difficult situations designed to challenge the junior's skill, physical preparation and mental focus.

Juniors will also receive one-on-one tournament schedule consultations to help optimize their tournament and training schedules. Juniors will be tested every 6 weeks on their full game benchmarks and their individual improvement plans will be modified as necessary.

Physical and Mental evaluations will be performed at the mid-term of the program and individual plans will be modified as necessary at that point. The Elite program is a 16 week program and runs from May through August.Psychological assessment services.

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Dr cunningham

Resources. You will find caring doctors and experienced nurses at Ocean Family Medicine. Dr.

Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham

Edwin Cunningham is a neurosurgeon in Chesterfield, Missouri. He received his medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

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A few weeks ago I blogged about the latest in a long line of disappearances and mysterious deaths of physicians who buck the "standard narrative".

In this case it was about the disappearance of CDC. Dr. Cunningham is a decent doctor who helps with my problems, however extremely difficult to get an appointment (especially when you now live in another city for school).

Dr Tim Cunningham vanishes: Police offer reward for missing Center for Disease Control scientist