Funny non-fiction essays for children

Books open up new worlds to both kids and adults, spark the imagination and inspire adventure. Which is why books are so wonderful for encouraging healthy eating habits in our students and children.

Funny non-fiction essays for children

Writing a funny story can come easily as long as you follow these simple suggestions: What has made you laugh? What stories when brought to mind make you smile? What funny stories are brought up again and again at your family get-togethers?

The things we do every day can sometimes be very funny. Look at animals or even inanimate objects. Some of the best funny kid shows have revolved around things like talking trains, toasters or even a sponge.

It is when the animals do human things that they become funny. Make sure you incorporate some of the features of the animal into their character. Just watch Lady and the Tramp, a Disney film, and you will see how the voices and emotions match the look of each dog. Look at the world differently and ask questions.

Some interesting stories come from trying to figure out why a tiger has stripes or how a leopard got his spots.

Think what life would be like if you saw it through the eight eyes of a spider! Remember to try not to offend people. If you make fun of people and take it too far, it is no longer funny.

funny non-fiction essays for children

Many people get pleasure from the misfortune of others, but you can get off easy if you make the story about you rather than about your friend. Focus on things that happen every day. If you relate stories about something that happened to you that made other people laugh, like trying on your school play costume and getting your head and arms stuck, people will laugh reading about it, as long as you can describe it in detail.

If you can take something that made you smile and exaggerate it, it will probably make people laugh. Use similes and metaphors to exaggerate and paint a picture. When you include things that defy logic and familiar things, people think it is funny. Think about how funny it was when a rat decided to be a gourmet cook in Ratatouille.

funny non-fiction essays for children

When things are difficult to see happening in real life, the humor comes out. Pick a funny character name, costume, or location.

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This could be the start of a very funny story. Once you find something funny, repeat it. Comedy writers say that by repeating something three times, the reader becomes an insider on the joke and progressively laughs harder each time because of the anticipation.

Get in the right mindset. Young children laugh much more than adults do. When you laugh, you are more likely to write something funny. Humor is best written in short stories.

Now you have the tools to look at things differently in order to write your own humorous story. Put all these guidelines into play and complete a first draft. Then, try it out on a few of your friends. This will help you write a story that will make just about everyone happy.

Why not write one and send it in to Amazing Kids! We love to make people laugh.Humor Writing Markets. – Personal essays The Free-Range Non-fiction link actually turns out to be something called Vitua Design.

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