Gst in malaysia

Predictably, confusion among the Malaysian public regarding the upcoming changes caused a number of inaccurate statements to appear. We address 3 major misconceptions and attempt to set things straight. Leading up to their win, Pakatan Harapan promised in their manifesto to scrap the GST within days and bring back the SST should they successfully win the majority vote. Following the announced return of the SST, many online netizens have been actively disseminating speculative information regarding the impending switch up that might not be completely accurate.

Gst in malaysia

Although the new tax has been met with plenty Gst in malaysia confusion and controversy, the government stresses that the move will ultimately benefit the economy, businesses and citizens. But what has its initial impact truly been?

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The Malaysian government has looked to build flexibility into the GST, so the goods and services that are applicable can be amended in line with government policies by applying a zero rated or exempt status. It is also hoped that by adopting the tax, the Malaysian government will be able to make the country a prime investment location.

Gst in malaysia

After a period of delays because of political uncertainty, and staunch resistance from the general public who feared that the price of vital goods and services would increase, it has taken eleven years for the GST to be implemented. To reduce the concern surrounding the new tax the government has excluded a number of items the GST including: Consumers have made nearly 11, complaints in the first 17 days since it was enforced and the debate surrounding the short- and long-term impact of the tax on the Malaysian people is ongoing.

Impact on business Of course, there is also an impact on businesses operating in Malaysia. As of 1st April it was reported thatbusinesses had registered for the GST and had begun adapting their operations to fit the new system. In doing so, companies were required to purchase and install GST-enabled software or adapt their current systems to enable receipts and invoices to highlight the GST.

The challenge for large corporates will be implementing the tax into in-house solutions and this is something that will come at a cost. Yet, these companies will be benefited by having the resources and knowledge to do this with minimal impact. Many of these companies do not have the resources or technical ability to implement the required GST-enabled solutions.

And even though the government has pledged a fund that will allows SMEs to install accounting software, for many of these businesses, there still remains a knowledge gap in respect to understanding how these systems work.

In fact, in many cases just understanding the tax itself has proved troublesome.

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There still remains uncertainty over what goods and services fall under GST and how it should be charged. Many smaller companies are therefore calling for more education around how the tax works and how they should treat it.

There are also fears that the overall cost of business will increase. Elsewhere, the potential for error in applying the GST poses multiple risks to business including; financial losses, legal issues and also reputational risk. Organisations should therefore look to optimise in order to improve control and visibility over GST matters.

Corporates — especially those operating with thin margins — may also face cash flow challenges arising from the GST. Treasury should therefore be ready to adapt and re-forecast in order to anticipate the changes in cash flow, whilst putting in place suitable funding to ensure there are no liquidity shortfalls.“Malaysia should introduce [a] GST as soon as possible.” (Structural Policy Country Notes, Malaysia, OECD, ).Prior to April 1, , there was no value added tax or goods and services tax (GST).

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After announcing the reduction of GST from 6% to zero beginning June 1, the government then announced the reintroduction of SST at date to be announced. GST in Malaysia HengAnn,Ang ECOVIS AHL Tax Director.

Types of supplies Supply means all forms of supply. Anything which is not a supply of goods but is done for a consideration is a supply of services. Supplies of goods and services would be either taxable or non-taxable under the GST Act. A taxable supply would be either standard-rated or zero.

Gst in malaysia

Jun 02,  · Photo courtesy of The Malaysian Times. On the stroke of midnight June 1, , Malaysia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) became zero rated from its original 6% that was introduced in to much fanfare, confusion and profiteering.

The new Malaysian premier in a press briefing last week announced that a replacement Sales and Services Tax (SST) will be introduced in September.

I agree to provide my data in order to receive call or email by Global Industrial Events regarding GST Summit. Lam Kok Shang and Gan Hwee Leng of KPMG preview the introduction of goods and services tax (GST) in Malaysia from April 1 , comparing it with the equivalent regime in Singapore and explaining what taxpayers must do to prepare for the incoming changes.

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