How inflation and unemployement are related essay

Select Employment Situation Summary. Write a report pages double — spaced to answer the questions: What month and year is summarized? What was the unemployment rate for that month?

How inflation and unemployement are related essay

Inflation is a major challenge; the world is facing today and has become an impediment to robust growth. However, this problem is not new.

InThe Gallup Organisation in the US conducted opinion polls asking people, what is the most important problem, their country was facing, and a majority named inflation.

How inflation and unemployement are related essay

Different schools of thought have their own viewpoints and their own theories to support those viewpoints. In this paper, I shall discuss briefly, the different schools of thought and their viewpoints and try to unravel this mystery by amalgamating the different viewpoints.

The disturbances, if any, would be temporary and very short-lived. There was no need for any countercyclical policy whether fiscal or monetary to boost the economy. According to them, there is perfect wage-price flexibility and thus, no possibility of involuntary unemployment.

Thus, whatever is produced will be demanded, and therefore economy is always at full employment. Therefore, we get a vertical almost AS curve and correspondingly, a vertical Philips curve.

Hence, there is no trade-off whatsoever, between inflation and unemployment, and therefore any type of countercyclical policy fiscal or monetary is impotent. AS According to the classicists, economy is always at full employment level, as shown by the vertical AS curve.

Thus, there is no trade-off between inflation and unemployment even in the short run. He was against the view that the economy always stays at full employment. He believed in wage price rigidity and therefore, a rigid real wage leading to an involuntary unemployment ie.

Now, this unemployment could only be controlled if some fiscal or monetary policy is used. Keynes called for a fiscal expansion during the Great depression that would stimulate the aggregate demand. Thus, AD curve shifts rightwards. Thus, there is a trade off between inflation and unemployment.

Keynes gave the following insights to explain this trade-off: For him, absolute rigidity in money wage rates is not required; all that is needed is that wages fail to fall to market clearing levels.

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This leads to fluctuations in unemployment. Also, investment is influenced by real interest rate, not the nominal interest rates; therefore, it is often impossible to stabilize it, unless the inflation in the economy is controlled.

Neo-classical school The Hicksian IS-LM under the neoclassical school tends to explain the trade-off between inflation and unemployment against the backdrop of the Philips curve equation.

According to them, people have static expectations, and therefore? Thus, the equation of Philips curve becomes: Ot-On Now, if output is below its natural rate, inflation is negative, or we have disinflation in the economy.

Thus, price level is decreasing. Now, as the price level starts decreasing, in our basic IS-LM model, LM curve starts shifting rightwards, and keeps shifting, until, we reach full employment. Thus, according to the neo-classicists, the economy is self-equilibrating, and no counter cyclical policy is required to bring the output back to full employment.

How inflation and unemployement are related essay

Neo-classicists did believe in a trade-off, but only in the short run. Quantity theory of money: He explained this with the help of an example: When any quantity of money is imported into a nation, it is not dispersed into all the hands at first.

It initially caters a few selected people manufacturers or merchants. These people then, invest this additional stock to raise output at least in the short run. Now, an increase in output enables them to employ more workmen and therefore employment increases, wages remaining the same.Unemployment in Australia has historically tended to occur in phases.

The colonies suffered significantly from the depression of the s, with high unemployment and much poverty. In the first decade of its existence as a country unemployment spiked to %.. Then, from to the onset of the Great Depression the rate hovered around %. Inflation and Unemployment: What is the Connection?

The relation between unemployment and inflation has long held the attention of economists. For some time, it was believed that there was a trade-off between the two that policymakers could exploit.

In other words, a lower unemployment rate could be had by tolerating a hi gher rate of inflation. How Does Inflation Affect GDP? Inflation generally increases when the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate is above percent due to several factors, such as demand for goods overstretching supply and higher wages in an ultra-competitive job market, according to Investopedia.

When inflation. Unemployment comes in several forms and affects millions of people at any given time.

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People can find themselves out of a job because the economy is in a downturn. Or they could be in the. Linking unemployment to inflation and economic growth toward a better understanding of in the philippines linking unemployment to inflation and economic growth toward.

Unemployment Essay 5 ( words) India is a developing country and many social issues or problems are still becoming the reason of non development of our country, Unemployment is one of them which are one of the biggest crises in India.

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