King of shadows by susan cooper

Author Susa Teenaged 20th century Shakespearean actor Nat Field's sojourn in historical 16th century London as an apprentice under William Shakespeare's tutelage in the at that time newly constructed Globe Theatre having been mysteriously transported back in time from the 20th century, well actually, having been made to switch places with a 16th century apprentice of the same name ill with the bubonic plague is for all intents and purposes an engaging, fun, and delightfully informative romp.

King of shadows by susan cooper

Michael Morpurgo had once described Susan Cooper as "a storyteller of immense power". Only after reading one of her books, the 'King of Shadows', for myself that I can fully appreciate Morpurgo's approbation.

There is one particular scene in one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies, 'Julius Caesar', that is as revealing as it is memorable. I am referring to Act 4, Scene 3 of the play, in which Brutus, the Roman patrician, gently puts his serving-boy, Lucius, to bed after he had fallen asleep while playing a song for him.

As insignificant as this scene seems, it appears to me to bear the impress of genius that has made Shakespeare what he is today.

In my opinion, Susan Cooper's 'King of Shadows' draws its narrative power from these sort of 'small' and seemingly inconsequential incidents, this time between Shakespeare himself and one of his boy actors, his beloved "sprite", Nathan Field. What Shakespeare had done with Brutus, Copper has done with Shakespeare.

The 'King of Shadows' is a rollercoaster of emotions. Nat Field wakes up one morning to find himself inthe Elizabethan period. Unbeknownst to him at that point is that another Nathan Field from the sixteenth century had taken his place in modern day London.

The latter Nathan has also been diagnosed with the Bubonic plague also known as the Black Death. This gave Cooper great opportunity to compare the two periods, something which is very beneficial for a young reader who has been brought up in this modern, post-millennium era.

And this where the real strength of Cooper's narrative lies. While she credits the works of the professor Andrew Gurr for all the specific and fascinating detail of the Elizabethan period, Cooper describes it with so much ardour that it feels as if you have stepped into a time warp yourself.

It is for these reasons that Susan Cooper's 'King of Shadows' is definitely a great read for young adults, one that will hopefully help them to understand a lot of the aspects of Elizabethan London and theatre better, besides being a good story in its own right. The new Globe Theatre in London was opened in I would have cheerfully offered up one of my vital organs for a chance to see the performance.

This book was published in I see that it is not available on the Globe's online shop, but if it isn't for sale in the gift shop itself then the Globe is doing a disservice to both itself and Miss Cooper.

King of Shadows is a heartfelt love letter to The Globe, old and new, to William Shakespeare and his plays and to theatre itself in all its rambunctious life and magic.

One night Nate goes to bed with a fever and wakes up in and finds himself taking the place of one Nathan Field, loaned by his theatre company to one William Shakespeare to play Puck in a command performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream. Though the use of a time shift will be familiar to readers of Cooper's Dark Is Rising sequence, King of Shadows feels as if it was written by a different writer.

A much, much better writer and I loved the Dark Is Rising books. Nate is an intelligent resourceful hero who comes to grips with his predicament quickly, but he is emotionally repressed after the death of his father, losing himself in his acting.

King of shadows by susan cooper

The shock of the time shift and meeting Shakespeare knocks something loose, and despite some grim realities and harsh treatment by a fellow player, he falls in love with the world and a warm, father-son relationship develops with Shakespeare himself, who only recently lost his own son, Hamnet.

Cooper brings the world of theatre, past and present, to warm life, full of strain and excitement and long hours and friendship and turbulent emotions. Nate's pain and loss finds expression through the language of the play, making Shakespeare real and vital utterly beautiful.King of Shadows by Susan Cooper, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

King of Shadows is an enjoyable new children's book by Susan Cooper, author of the award-winning The Dark Is Rising children's fantasy series.

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$ (Ages 8 to 12) ast year was the th anniversary of the opening of the original Globe Theater in London, where William Shakespeare's finest work was first performed.

King Of Shadows () About book: Michael Morpurgo had once described Susan Cooper as "a storyteller of immense power".

Only after reading one of her books, the 'King of Shadows', for myself that I can fully appreciate Morpurgo's approbation. "King of Shadows" is Susan Cooper's tribute to her husband, Hume Cronyn. The dedication of the book is to him, 'For my actor'.

Nat Field has arrived in England with his acting troupe to perform at the "new" Globe Theater in London/5.

King of shadows by susan cooper
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