Of the six reasons why scheduling resources is an important task which is most important why

College is a whole four years, but not everyone goes through with it.

Of the six reasons why scheduling resources is an important task which is most important why

The software will make the wrong assumptions or perhaps the unwary scheduler will allow it to do so. You just shall only split critical activities and not be a lazy scheduler, do your homework and do the necessary adjustments, is very simple, it is not that difficult to figure out when splitting a critical activity will result in shorter project duration, perhaps for an unqualified scheduler.

Every case is different, and there should be absolutely be careful analysis before EITHER splitting activities OR not splitting them and thus starting activities, and perhaps finishing the project later.

I would prefer that ALL PM sofware provide an option to the scheduler to use either a continuous or a non-continuous algorithm. The only disagreement here is that, given the software will NOT offer such an option, offering ONLY the continuous guarantees that a large percentage of schedulers, who SHOULD know better but DON'T, will make the projects take longer, cost more, and cause lives to be lost in a not insignificant number of cases.

And that's the problem: Let's work to educate schedulers better; but let's also provide them with tools whose default best matches what they'd want to do if they understood the problem. And you said, and I agreed, that Most jobs are tight on budget, the pharmaceutical jobs are the exception," They are not by any means a small exception.

Just in the construction industry, hospital construction, levees, potable water wells all have a direct impact on people dying if they take longer than they should.

In other industries, delays not just in pharmaceuticals but also medical devices, defense systems Google "dhahran" and scud" and check out what the impact of a one day delay can be!

And when they don't, they still cause losses of money. One of the tragedies of project management is that the value being lost by inadequate scheduling is not being measured.

It's what is known in economics as an "externality", and the results include the routine failure to spend an extra dollar where the return might be tens or hundreds or thousands of times more in ROI, contracts that exacerbate the principal-agent problem and moral hazard, and law suits that use up money that could far better be spent on cranes, backhoes and laborers than on lawyers.

Until we, as a profession, start to recognize that we are in the business of managing investments, and not just spitting out schedule dates, we will fail to achieve the proper professional recognition that we should have. If you weren't even willing to go in and compute drag in a very simple network, most schedulers aren't going to be bothered to do any analysis that the software is not helping them with, nor make the decisions for which analysis of resource cost vs.

Some would say it does. By the way I believe that as more and more parallel paths become critical then DRAG is useless as it becomes equal to 0 for all activities in these critical paths, but this is an issue I will leave it to you.

Of the six reasons why scheduling resources is an important task which is most important why

Not to mention when multiple critical path share some activities. As optimization is performed, both float and drag are "squeezed" out of the schedule -- on individual activities! Of course, that very process relies on drag computation, too!

Now we may have parallel paths where shortening either does nothing to shorten the project unless we shorten both. The ideal would be allow the scheduler to click-and-drag the mouse to highlight a chunk of the network, define it as though it were one task, and have the software compute its drag as a chunk!Scheduling is an important tool for time management.

When you do it correctly, you will maximize your time and decrease the amount of stress you have. You can’t get rid of all the stress you will experience, and a good amount of stress can help you to efficiently complete the task within the deadline.

Subjects: Scheduling Resources + Costs. Click to Rate "Hated It" Click to Rate "Didn't Like It" Because when resources are considered, computer routines use slack to get an "efficient" schedule.

Present 6 reasons scheduling resources is an important task. 1. Checks if existing resources are adequate + available 2. Decides which /5(1). General Business Tips. The newest articles are are towards the bottom of the page.

(higher number) The use of these articles are for our clients only. Answer to Present six reasons scheduling resources is an important task. Scheduling resources is an important task because it gives project teams the ability to access critical resources at the right time.

Project managers also need to schedule resources carefully to ensure that the same resources are not allocated to two different projects operating on the same schedule. Database Journal published an article yesterday about the Top 10 Reasons Why Access Still Rocks for Developers..

After I wiped the coffee off my monitor, I had to write a rebuttal. The following headlines are theirs, not mine, but the responses are mine.

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