Pacific stories for unfccc iwd 7

I am indeed very pleased to be surrounded by so many women who have taken time off from their busy schedule to be with us today. It is indeed a real pleasure for me to address this message of solidarity to you. A day when women around the world will connect to celebrate and honour women past, present and future in many exciting ways. On this day all over the world we consider both the steps forward that have been taken towards better lives for women and progress still required to be made.

Pacific stories for unfccc iwd 7

While there are several key positions that Pacific states have endorsed in relation to the effects of climate change — for Pacific stories for unfccc iwd 7, in relation to liability for damage, and environmental refugees — the key shared commitment relates to mitigation: The threshold they have all endorsed on the basis of IPCC analysis [pdf] is keeping warming less than 1.

In recent months this policy commitment has featured in efforts, in various regional arenas, to produce a shared Pacific position as a way of signalling to other regional groupings in the lead-up to the Paris conference.

Africa, for example, has also produced a regional declaration supporting emission targets that result in global warming of no greater than 1. This was submitted to the new Pacific Framework process of the Pacific Islands Forum and was successfully chosen as one of the five issues to be taken forward to the Moresby Forum although it is not clear whether the final draft text to be put before Pacific leaders in Moresby will retain the 1.

This declaration specifically mentioned 1. The Pacific resolve to announce a strong position in the lead-up to the Paris conference suggests that the Pacific leaders are not in any mood to accept a move by Australia and New Zealand to water down this commitment at the Moresby Forum.

The recently declared policy of the Australian Government for emission targets of 26—28 per cent below levels by clearly does not amount to a commitment to keep global warming under 1.

Voices of a Subcontinent grappling with Climate Change

In fact the 26—28 per cent target is well below the 40—60 per cent target recommended by the Australian Climate Change Authority as necessary to keep warming below 2 degrees.

What then are the possible outcomes in Moresby? This was, for example, the strategy at the Cairns Forum in and the Majuro Forum in If this strategy succeeds again in Moresby, this will be a Pyrrhic victory for Canberra and Wellington.

This will be seen as a win on the day in Canberra, but it will in fact prove the point that Fiji has been trying to make: A second possibility is that the Pacific island states decide that they would rather forego the joint Forum declaration on Pacific climate policy rather than surrendering their core commitments, which they had already endorsed in other diplomatic arenas.

Like the first possibility, this de-legitimates the Pacific Islands Forum as the pre-eminent regional organisation at a time when it is trying to justify its position in relation to the Fiji-backed PIDF.

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It will further call into question the relevance of the Pacific Islands Forum in defending the interests of Pacific island states. A third option would be for the Forum Chair Papua New Guinea to recognise a Forum consensus 14 Pacific island states for a strong Moresby Declaration with a commitment to a 1.

The Chair could then call for the opening of the declaration for signature. All Pacific island states would sign, and Australia and New Zealand would not sign.

While this would be difficult for Australia and New Zealand to swallow, it would be a better path for all concerned. It would allow the heartfelt position of the Pacific island states to emerge as a Moresby Declaration on Climate Change consistent with the Suva Declaration on Climate Change. This may also provide a procedural way forward for other issues where Pacific island joint policy positions are held hostage to the interests of Australia and New Zealand.

This may in turn help to restore the legitimacy of the Forum by reclaiming its original purpose [pdf] as the vehicle for the protection of Pacific island interests in global diplomacy.PoA title Methane capture and combustion from Animal Waste Management System (AWMS) of the 3S Program farms of the Instituto Sadia de Sustentabilidade.

Pacific stories for unfccc iwd 7

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Pacific stories for unfccc iwd 7

Converting Intended Nationally Determined Contributions into Action,” highlights the importance of turning INDC targets into policies, measures and finance-ready investment strategies quickly, and the need for financing for developing countries to carry.

Determined Contribution as well as information to facilitate the clarity, transparency and Samoa, a small island developing state in the South Pacific is at the forefront of efforts to 1 Samoa’s Second National Communication to the UNFCCC, The United Nations is financed mostly by taxpayers from a few donor countries but the large and growing bureaucracy is too far removed from those taxpayers to be directly accountable to them.

A Pacific Climate Treaty is proposed to advance climate action in the Pacific and globally. The treaty will support regional cooperation on mitigation, adaptation, loss and damage, climate - induced migration and.

COP22 concludes with adoption of Marrakech Action Proclamation