The mormon church an american original

The LDS Restoration movement is made up of denominations, sects, and small faith groups who trace their origins back to the original Church of Christ that Joseph Smith's founded in Following Smith's assassination by a Christian mob inproblems arose about the choice of a new leader. This caused schism within the church, which resulted in the creation of a number of new faith groups. The largest faction, under the leadership of Brigham Young, started on a long trek to Salt Lake in what is now Utah.

The mormon church an american original

What you do will depend on your own situation and your own needs, which may be very different from those of others in a similar situation. There are several possibilities: Continue to go to church and do what others expect of you.

This option is most attractive to those whose families spouse, children, parents are very devout Mormons.

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It avoids the possible almost certain disruption The mormon church an american original those relationships. However, this requires you to live a double life, to keep your important feelings secret, and most people not only find this difficult, but also somewhat dishonest.

This option has many of the disadvantages of options 1 and 3but allows you to feel somewhat more honest with yourself. Many people choose this option, rather than option 4because they dislike the finality of leaving the church, with its consequences of being labeled by friends and family as an "apostate.

This option is also frequently chosen by those who want to avoid hurting Mormon family members but also want to be honest. It has three disadvantages. First, as an "inactive" member the church now refers to such people as "less active"you become the target for church efforts to "reactivate" you, with missionary visits, invitations to social events, and other "fellowshipping" efforts.

Second, as a member you are subject to "discipline" by the church authorities, who may summon you to a church court. Third, by allowing your name to remain on the records as a member, you allow the church to include you in its total membership number currently about thirteen million with which it wishes to impress the world.

The mormon church an american original

Many people choose option 4 rather than 3 for this reason alone. The price for selecting this option may be high, if, as a result, you alienate family and friends. Loss of Mormon friends is almost certain.

It also has the disadvantage that you may feel suddenly alone and alienated from your cultural roots. Many people are not prepared sufficiently to deal with this unexpected emotional void, and need a support group see listings below.

This fourth option has the tremendous advantage, however, that you are free as you have never been free before, that you can be confident that those who remain close to you truly love you for yourself and not just because they are supposed to love you, and that nothing now is holding you back from determining your own destiny and finding your own path through life.

Most people who have taken this option, even though it may have cost them dearly in lost relationships, would not wish for a moment that they had chosen something less. Former Mormon Brian C. Madsen explained why he chose this ultimate option: I can think of two really good reasons [for having my name officially removed from the church records].

One is emotional closure: There's no lingering thought either in my mind or my family's that maybe I might come around later and see the light and come back to church.

With my name officially removed, it's over, done, finis, schluss jetzt, end of story, that's all she wrote. Another is that it makes it a lot less likely that some home teachers or zealous elder's quorum presidencies are going to knock on my door and invite me back to church.

I'm not on any ward lists, and so when zealous new EQP's decide to "reach out to their less active brethren", I don't get included in that effort in any way. In other words, with my name removed, I'm free of them in a more concrete way than I would be otherwise.

A woman who posts as "amyjo" on the "Recovery from Mormonism" discussion board wrote: Resigning as an Act Of Open Defiance! That's what prompted me to resign when I did. The anger came much later from that point. By resigning I was invoking my rights as the matriarch of my family, and head of household.

It was freeing and cathartic to leave that bastard cult behind me. Like some find solace in saying, "Satan, get thee behind me. It showed them I was boss, not them. Nor would I buckle or cower to anything they ever tried to do again.

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It got them off my back.The Book of Mormon Girl: A Memoir of an American Faith [Joanna Brooks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In her sweet, funny, and impassioned memoir The Book of Mormon Girl, Joanna Brooks sheds light onto one of America’s most fascinating but least understood religious traditions.

From her days of feeling like “a root beer among the Cokes”—Coca-Cola being a. Learn about the Mormon religion and meet members of the Mormon Church.

Modern Mormons talk about their faith and answer common questions. TIME AND TEMPERATURE IN JACKSON COUNTY.

In my other life I was a Mormon: Mormon Rules: The List

T HIS HAS BEEN A GATHERING PLACE OF SEEKERS SINCE APRIL 6, “I plead for a spirit of tolerance and neighborliness, of friendship and love toward those of other faiths.

I plead with our people to welcome them, to befriend them, to mingle with them, to associate with them in the promulgation of good causes.”.

The mormon church an american original

Polygamy. Polygamy as a doctrine was introduced into the LDS Church by Joseph Smith. The practice continued after Joseph’s death in , and was publicly announced in .

LEAVING THE MORMON CHURCH HOW TO GET OUT by Richard Packham Last revised 10/24/ If you are a Mormon, once you realize that Mormonism is not what it claims to be, you are faced with the problem of what to do about this realization. The Mormon LDS church conspiracy to rule the US Government and the world is generally unknown by most Americans.

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